Ladies Cut & Blow Dry        $80

Blow Dry Short                       $45

Blow Dry Medium                $50

Blow Dry Long                      $55

Blow Dry Extra Long           $65

Tonging/Curling      from   $55

Hair Up Styling         from   $80



Semi/Permanent                 from $80 – $100

Balayage / Ombre               from $250 – $300

Foils                                        from $95 – $190

Toner                                    from  $25 – $50



We offer a wide  range of treatments to suit all hair types and budgets. A full hair & scalp analysis is done prior to your service.

Olaplex, Kevin Murphy & Alfaparf  all have an extensive range of treatments which will be recommended to you and discussed in your consultation.


*complimentary consultation and fringe trims to all exisiting clients, all prices include GST. Styling prices are based on ‘standard service’ additionswill  be made for thickness and length. All technical colour prices are base rates and are subject to change according to hair thickness and length.All services are quoted prior to any service.*